March Prayer Journal Wrap-Up

Since I started hardcore journaling last year, I experience a huge difference in my journey this year. Maybe because I gain more experience and teaching of the Holy Spirit. Or maybe it was because God looked inside of my heart and saw something He liked.

This year I started with:

  • a journal theme that I activated in prayer 
  • A month announcement
  • Weekly orientation page
  • Month prayer

My journaling is about strengthening my relationship with God and helping me prepare my calling, my seasons, and for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. In my February Prayer Journal wrap-up, I started to realize that my journaling style is changing. I became so reliant on the guidance of the Holy Spirit that I could not journal out of habit but needed to listen intently to the Spirit of God. I experience a shift every month. March was a month of preparing and planning but under heavy warfare. I was preparing and gathering supplies(tools, strategies, scripture)to start the building process with the sword in my hand.

March was a month of focus, discernment as the Holy Spirit dropped into my spirit the seeds of the promise of something new.

During this month I was very excited as me and my mentee received new prophetic prayer words during our journaling and prayer times :

  • The flag of the blood of the the Lamb
  • The flag of the name if Jesus
  • Angelic flag ,etc

One morning, after clothing myself with the armor of God first, I started hoisting different flags. I started with the name of Jesus, the blood of the Lamb, the flag of the Holy Spirit, etc. I’ve never prayed like this before!

  • Scheduled prayer

A mentee petitioned an urgent request before God using this, sudden strategy for the first time and received an immediate breakthrough.

It was also during difficulties to find time for journaling amongst my other duties, that I found a new strategy: Topic College Prayer Journaling.

I step out of this month in faith and gratitude.


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