Amazing Testimony of a Mentee – Prayer Journaling

I truly believe in the power of discipleship, because when I got born again (John 3) I was taught the basic principles of a follower of Jesus. Ever since then, I became a spiritual mom for youth whom I lead to Christ young married couples and even elderly people. Over the years I had worked with quite a selection of different candidates, and I found that mentoring those who got establish in their calling or the discipline of prayer, is much easier to mentor. Jesus himself had to disciple several different followers and had to deal with each one of them uniquely. In another post, I will write more about my experiences in mentoring, but for now, I want to share with you a testimony of one of my novice prayer journal disciples.

A look into her background

One of my disciples got into prayer journaling. Previously she struggled in the discipline of prayer and the Word of God, but since she started journaling she became like a tree planted by a stream, flourishing and fruit-bearing. Not to mention blooming!

She finished her studies during the difficult year of the virus that hit the earth and was searching for something to strengthen her relationship with God. I was already busy with prayer journaling and she decided to give it a try. In the beginning, she complained that it took too much time and the Holy Spirit revealed to her that laziness is the first area to deal with. She has many journal experiences, but what I’m about to share is amazing!

She is currently doing an internship at a large leading retailer in South Africa. She only recently became twenty-one and is far from home, renting an apartment with someone.

An urgent concern

She has a prayer journal binder with different sections, in which one of her sections contains urgent requests: things that she wants God to be resolved within a specific timeframe or immediately.

She got an ideal location to stay, just across her offices. They are expected to work from home for two weeks within a month and it is during these two weeks that she found out that the caretaker of the building is spending his time, drinking and socializing with the lady she shared the apartment with. He became quite a disturbance and cause her to feel unsafe and uncomfortable, as she wants a peaceful surrounding. She did not know how to handle this but eventually decided to write a prayer in her journal section, Urgent Requests, in which she asked God to solve the situation for her .She simply raised her concerns and included the following :

  • She clearly stated her concern, what she wanted, and the things she did not want.
  • She bound all the spirits of social gathering, laziness, disrespect, gossiping, disturbance, etc.
  • Then she issued her concern in prayer to God, praying with her hands on her prayer.
  • She paralyzed and restricted these demons, gave them notice, and commanded them to leave in Jesus’ name only.
  • Then she restricted the caretaker from the apartment in prayer
  • She locked down the apartment
  • She did an amazing thing! She put a schedule on her prayer from eight o’clock and for the rest of the day and asked God to activate and release this prayer in this timeframe in the apartment for a week!

The results and hand of God moving

At the end of that week, the apartment did not receive any visitors, disturbing her peace. And the lady she shared the apartment with sadly told her that the caretaker was fired! He arrived for work as usual but found locks on his office door. She was amazed at how the hand of God worked on her behalf, dealing with the unrighteous; even though she felt sorry for this man and prayed that he found another job. She did not expect this!

And there goes another entry to the answered prayer section.

Final thoughts

We can ask God anything if we reach out to Him in faith, diligently seeking his face and trusting Him in all our needs. God is faithful and has a deep and endless love for us through His Son, Jesus Christ. And He is a rewarder of those who seek him!


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