Acting in season Part 2 : Prepare

Setting up a prayer plan

The Holy Spirit ministered to me about the word Prepared. It was constantly on my mind and I jotted down the word. I then decided to find matching verses, not knowing where this would lead. I ended up designing a series of scripture collage Bible studies resolving into a prayer plan.

I initiated my series of daily bible study and prayer with a key verse from my collection.

Key verse

Prepare your work outside, get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house.”

Proverbs 24 : 27

Why do we need a prayer plan ?

Yes, we do come before God in worship, empty our hearts,raising our concerns, asking for help , provision, and so much more reasons. There is nothing that we cannot confide in Him or ask Him for?

Ask, Seek, Knock 
Matthew 7:7

But when God prompts me to pray about something specific, I ask Holy Spirit for a strategy. A faith strategy consisting of a series of well-defined plans based on the Word of God levels the foundation for multiple breakthroughs! However, it does come with sacrificing our time to pray, fast, and seek God’s face.


After the visual Bible study, a summary of the main idea is taken from scripture to be the focus in prayer.

2.Draw a conclusion

After summarizing the main ideas, the main focus is being identified and the prayer plan is been finalized and brought to the point.

3.Prayer points

Prayer points are flowing directly out of the concluded theme.


“Lord,teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples.”

Luke 11: 1

Even the disciples experience the need to be taught on prayer. Before David faced his enemies, he consulted God. From the beginning, right through the process, the Holy Spirit is consistent if we engage and allow Him to guide and teach us.


15 thoughts on “Acting in season Part 2 : Prepare

  1. I have been very inspired by your posts, and I ordered a prayer journal which arrived yesterday.
    I love your neatness and organization and beautiful calligraphy. Thanks. πŸ€—βš˜

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