Acting in season: Vers study

A Series Collage method :

Part 1

As you have probably inferred from my writings, I am a visual learner and have to make little notes, sketches, or doodles. It feels like I am some student sitting in different classes as the Holy Spirit is constantly teaching me new ideas to enrich my spirit. With this post, I am presenting or proposing an alternative, but a creative method to study the Bible and to develop a hunger for the Word of God.

How to study the Bible using a collage method

1.Choose a topic or word to study

Firstly I created two pages of relevant scriptures after the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart about the word – PREPARE. This was the initiating factor in the collage method and after writing out these scripture I prayed on it asking the Holy Spirit for a strategy and to organise these scriptures.

2. Baseline :Find a leading and initiating verse

I started by choosing one verse, writing it out prayerfully, and meditating on this scripture. Once I started to meditate In scripture, an ideal climate for the Holy Spirit is created and for the ideas to germinate.


Chunking is a method that we use in school during lessons to accommodate struggling learners or when we introduce new information to learners. Chunking is to gradually add small pieces of information .

4.Research on biblical truth

I search the verse on the internet to find out was the context of this scripture and what other writers communicated on it.

5.Starting your collage

I love to make collages as they unite different forms and ideas and blend them perfectly together to create a unity.using words, notes, drawings and scripture doodles. I used words, notes, drawings, and scripture doodles to build around the verse I write down as a baseline.The collage us gradually build up with the following :

  • A key verse or topic
  • Keywords
  • More information
  • Sketches/scripture doodles
  • Words through inferencing
  • Different color codes

6.Finding a frame

When we teach learners writing at school, we always start with a frame. We also let them draft their story it writing prompt using a writing frame.

What is a frame?

In the case of a writing piece, we gave the learners an outline to go about their writing, to add other ideas to fill it up, and to complete it. I found baseline words and wrote them on strips of paper, highlighting them and pasted them at the designated places or suitable verse words.

7.Making inferences

Inferences are prayerfully made, continually asking the Holy Spirit questions. Making inferences draws a reader or writer deeper into the text or scripture and it engages the student with both the teacher and the view of the author. In our case, it engages us with our Teacher and Helper, the Spirit of our God. Another important aspect of conferencing is that it broadens and opens up the core of the scripture and a better view for the student. Inferencing prompts us to actively engage with the Holy Spirit.


The above concludes the basic frame for a scripture verse study. Remember that prayer journaling is about communicating with God on a whole new level in prayer and bible study, therefore we entrusted the Holy Spirit to guide us, teaching us the hidden things. All the pieces in the scripture collage are connected and must be carefully put together to bring forth revelation and truth to apply to our own lives. The following part of the bible study is about how to prepare a prayer plan on the specific Scripture. We will dive into it next time.

Blessed Journaling.


9 thoughts on “Acting in season: Vers study

  1. What grabbed my attention most when I viewed the pictures of your journal page was how you turned the word the Holy Spirit spoke to you “prepare” into a mnemonic using both scriptures and key words. Thank you for continuing to encourage us, your readers, to continue journaling.

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