February Prayer journal Wrap-up

Like just another morning I excitedly sat down and planned my February announcement theme, not suspecting anything about the heavy resistance ahead. During the January Journal Wrap-up, I discovered a journal strategy that set the pace for my 2021 season.

Hectic! Intense warfare during this month made me feel like I’m slowing down my pace, but I kept on resisting the attacks. During this season I greatly experienced the power in resistance. I realized that every month announces a new beginning, a new journal experience.

Hindrances in Prayer Journaling Part 1

Hindrances in Prayer Journaling Part 2

The impact of my 2021 theme during warfare

While I was seeking God’s face for prayer – and journal strategy, I found my journal theme in Philippians 3. I already started journaling when the Holy Spirit introduced me to this powerful theme, so I designed the image that He placed in my spirit and added it to my prayer journal. I always pray on all my journal entries, especially in tongues, to activate it as a tool or weapon in the spiritual realm. I experienced great difficulties in prayer journaling in February, but the Holy Spirit reminded me of this weapon, and I felt a force propelling me just as I experienced despair and a feeling to quit.

Direction of the Holy Spirit

I kicked off with my usual prayer entries, but I felt the resistance of my Helper only to find out much later that God wants me to focus on the key areas of my life first, setting the boundaries and securing them. The Holy Spirit knows the plans and purposes of God for our lives.

My marriage

My family’s health

Our finances

My workplace

My vocabulary

My dedication and endurance

How to differentiate between the resistance of the Holy Spirit and demonic attacks.

Resistance from the Holy Spirit:

  • rectify my mistakes
  • Correcting
  • Improving my attempts
  • Prompt my spirit to seek nourishment from the Word of God.
  • Strengthen the kingdom assignment in me.
  • convicts us to push back, to say no, and to do what is pleasing to God. 

Resistance from demonic attacks

  • It strikes you with physical exhaustion
  • Provoke you to quit
  • Failure
  • Desperation

Weekend Journaling

This was my initial plan to spend my weekends, but I never really got to it! We are so used to follow a routine and acting according to our understanding that we forget the importance of mindfulness. I realized one thing about human nature: selfishness. I had to give up my weekends for warfare and to prepare the strategy for the coming week.

You can read more about mindful journaling here.

New announcement

Just as I felt like experiencing a drought, the Holy Spirit introduced me to topical prayer journaling! I’ve never done this before.


I’ve learned valuable lessons: to keep my eyes on Jesus amid warfare and struggle! I continued in warfare! Even though I was experiencing difficult times in prayer, but I had to keep my balance. I simply lifted my shield and quenched all the fiery darts of the enemy. These are the benefits of the servants of God.

Do you experience any challenges on your journey? Do you give up? Do you lose your prayer appetite?


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