Dandelion Poetic Prayer

I lift my foot
And feel the constraint

Holding me back
Refusing to let me go
Trapping my feet in the snare
Trying to invade my territory
Parading on the outskirts
I wrestled
Trying to get free

I wrestled on my own strength
Weariness and Despair
Teamed up against me
Trying to break through
Through the hedge,You've set.
I lift my sword
Set it alight with Your Word

I feel how Courage raises up
And take hold of my heart
I encounter how Desire and Passion flooded me through the channels of Grace.
I arise
Shifting to a new position

Claiming back old territory
Advancing to new grounds
Preparing for the takeover
I resist
I shout my warcry

With peace and courage
Assisting me in my assignment
Strength girding my loins

I break loose!
I cannot be constraint!
I hear the clinging of chains

Falling to the dust
I secure my title deeds
With Your sacrifice
Signed! Sealed!

Invaders outside!
Perimeters secured!
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