January wrap-up :Prayer journaling


January is usually a month when people look back on the previous year and set themselves goals for the new year. Evaluating and setting new and better goals can be easier to formulate when we recognized our mistakes or areas for development from past experiences. Past experiences also enable us to set realistic goals to achieve. With prayer journaling, I started to set monthly goals for each month to steer my prayer-, personal and social life in a specific direction.

A prayer journal theme

Honestly, last year I wrote without a theme and this year I did not even think about it until the Holy Spirit set my attention on the Phillipian’s bible study! I discovered my journaling theme after I planned and worked through my January prayer and fasting strategy and the book of Philippians.

Create a panoramic view

Even though we’re living in difficult times, together with the Holy Spirit we need to align our year with heaven, writing down our heart’s desires, outcries, plans, ministry, and other ideas and present them prayerfully to God. Creating a godly vision board can be a great work of art and inspiration.

Announcing a new month

Since I started with my 2021 prayer journal I decided to announce every month with a colorful divider and a set of monthly goals. Monthly goals are my short term planning and allow me to have a view for my month, even though I may not achieve them all.

Write a dedication

With dedication, I commit myself to prayer, to God’s word, and ask for His protection. A dedication is giving myself over so His Spirit can guide and teach me. I love to make Monday my day of Dedication.

Design a strategy

A skilled and wise warrior knows to have a well-planned strategy. When I created my prayer – and journaling strategy I received guidance from the Holy Spirit to make movable tags to accommodate changes when necessary.

Craft ideas

I made paper flowerpots for every member of my family and wrote a prayer for each one inside.

Bible reading tracking

Most importantly, is studying and reading the word of God. To manage it effectively I created an old testament and a new testament reading tracker.

Visual Bible Study

I love to call it a Doodle bible study and find it to be most suitable and creative for me. It is just amazing how the Holy Spirits can reveal so much in a view pictures and keywords.


Gratitude for me is like looking back and acknowledging God’s great love and mercy.

Acknowledge how He:

  • Guided me
  • Love me
  • Inspire me
  • Encourage me when I want to quit
  • Strengthen me and others I pray for
  • Touched me and other
  • Provides amazingly and abundant


January prayer journaling set the pace for the year and craft out a journal strategy. Serious prayer warriors must discern the pace and momentum of the Holy Spirit during each month to stay on the right direction. Mindful journaling helps us to stay on track.

That’s a wrap !


9 thoughts on “January wrap-up :Prayer journaling

  1. I really enjoy reading your posts. You give so much information on journaling, setting goals and other idea. God Bless.

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  2. Wonderful insights here! By the way, do you prefer to go by “Challenger” on here? Or is there any other name you prefer? (I like commenting with people’s names or preferred nicknames) πŸ™‚

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