A sample prayer journal entry

When I seriously started a prayer journal, I knew somehow I cannot just start with a conventional prayer. I think it was all the Holy Spirit’s inspiration. I searched the web and especially Pinterest on clues on how to actually start up my journal. I could not find something that fit into my vision. Believe me, it took me a month to set up my journal. In another journal, I started with the names of God and Word declarations. I was instructed by the Holy Spirit to give something of myself first!

Why wait before I started?

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart,and do not lean on your own understanding.In all your ways acknowledge him,and he will make straight your paths.”

Proverbs 3:5-6

I prayed! I desperately wanted it to be from God’s heart, so I asked Him for guidance on how to start, what the cover of my book should be like and I prayed more! By doing this I acknowledged Him and seek His guidance and approval. This is something to apply to all our decisions and before we make life choices.

Writing a dedication: sample prayers

1.A start up journal dedication


I have no other choice to surrender.
I do it willingly
Because Jesus laid down His life for me.
I'm stretching out my hands to you, to seek your face, to know what is on Your heart.
I want to draw near to You
So You can draw near to me
This year I want to walk
On the divine paths, You have already chosen for me.

I dedicate this journal to You, to be guided and mentored by Your Spirit, my Helper, and my Teacher. Use this journal for teaching and developing me for my kingdom assignment. Also, use it to give me divine understanding and strategies for 2021.
Use this journal to bring a piece of heaven into our lives. Let it be in our family's lives as it is in heaven.

I consecrate the cover and every page of this book unto You.

Fill it with Your neverending mercies.

Let breakthroughs, healing, deliverance, and testimonies flow out of this journal.

Let my horn blows through this journal and voices to proclaim Your name.

I gave You alone, I Lord, a legal right to speak to me through this journal.

In Jesus Name.Amen.



Date: ....... Time:.......

2.Weekly dedications

Father            Date:.....

This week I dedicate to you:

My mouth...
        As a mouthpiece
        To render peace
To shed light in the darkness
To be an instrument
To blow my horn on your command.

I have so many questions
Rolling, riding on my mind
Popping up like the strides
Of the elegant dandelion

Only You can shed light
With Your Word
Blow away all the doubts,
Fears and insecurities
To leave me with solid trust
A rock
And a banner.
Let Your light shines brightly on my path this week to see Your glory and mercies.
Let visions and dreams explain to me the hidden things.

As I come before You during this week I ask that you protect me and my family and supply to all our needs.

In Jesus name


Additional information

I commit myself through dedications unto God, therefore I include a :

  • A date
  • A place to sign
  • Time

I choose to write a dedication at the beginning of my journal as well as at the onset of every week.

In a dedication I trust God to go before me as we abide in prayer:

  • to make the crooked places straight
  • To protect us
  • To guide us in prayer and choices
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20 thoughts on “A sample prayer journal entry

  1. Thank you for the posts you have been sharing this month on journaling. They have given me pause to re-evaluate my own devotional journaling and to prayerfully seek guidance for any changes I should make.

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