The Miriam Profile

  • Songwriter
  • Worshiper
  • Weaver
  • Prophet
  • Family Watchman
  • Leader
  • Dancer

As followers of Christ, we truly believe that difficult times call for faith measures! When people are desperate, they tend to accomplish either foolish – or great things. Well, Miriam, the older sister of Moses, decided to dance in a moment they faced death! She led the women in triumphal procession, singing, and dancing.

But hold on! This is where she was being revealed as a prophetess for the first time.

Kicking some dust!

The victory dance of Miriam

Miriam, the sister of Moses, is being revealed as a prophetess for the first time as they stood in front of the waters of the Red Sea, with the rest of the Israelites. They faced a place called, “Where there seems to be no way.”

Courageous woman in a time when women was not to be seen on the frontline .


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