How to develop a prayer strategy using journaling

What is a strategy?

Strategy is a common word used in business and is defined as an action that managers take to attain one or more of the organization’s goals. Strategy can also be defined as knowledge of the goals.

The word strategy is also commonly used in the military for planning an attack, planning the way through the enemy’s territory, how to attack. It is a set of clearly defined goals set over a long term period and are being implemented in phases and operates in hierarchical systems.

Review your current strategy

The same principle of strategy applies to prayer to live in victory and receiving breakthroughs. Prayer needs to be strategic especially when we experience attacks on our own lives and notice the attacks on our neighborhoods, municipalities, cities, and countries.

When the Jews faced great danger, Esther came forward as a strategist and paved the way for her nation. When the Israelites crossed the Red Sea safely, another strategist is announced when Miriam steps out and declared victory with song and dance.

Easy steps to work out a prayer strategy.

Your prayer strategy starts when entering your first prayer journal entry.

Believe me, there are tons of advice on how to work out a prayer strategy. I have read quite a few, and although they are suitable for the person who writes and applied them, it does not necessarily meet my prayer needs and capacity. What I did is to take bits and pieces from other advice and asking the Holy Spirit to give me a prayer strategy that is suitable for me.

1.Break the cycle! Engage with the Holy Spirit.

Some people don’t even have a strategy, but most probably just a day- to -day plan that eventually becomes the weekly routine. Me too! The same routine repeatedly. Rarely differentiation takes place.No exclusivity at all! Well, I like change and asked God to change my prayer routine and strategy. I got frustrated at hearing myself speaking to Him and worshipping the same way every day. Learn to ask our teacher, the Holy Spirit, questions.

“Become a curious learner.”

A special strategy is used to battle against a specific enemy that becomes your studied field, finding knowledge about this aspect that you or a loved one’s battle with to formulate the ideal and strong warfare strategy. I call this an individual case study and will write about it another time. If you battle with mental health issues, lukewarmness, procrastination, laziness, or a dull prayer life; prayer journaling itself is a strategy on its own.

What makes prayer journaling a warfare strategy?

2.1The Holy Spirit's Variety
2.2 Constant shifting confused our enemy.

Because of the variety of journaling activities, journaling allows us to continually shift between prayer activities, which means we’re constantly in prayer. When I write a poetic prayer, I am in deep worship and I experience the rain of the Spirit on me.

When I prepared my prayer strategy for 2021 in my prayer journal, I was advised by the Holy Spirit to make movable intercession tags to accommodate the shifting in my prayer schedule.

Give the Holy Spirit a legal right to advise you and to change your schedule when necessary.

3.Repentance for allowing yourself to get stuck in old ways and religious attempts. 

“We are not born to be conformed but to be transformed.”

Romans 12:2

Believers of Christ embark on a wilderness journey when trying to serve God through religion. Been there! Done that! Got tired of it! Repent, Renounce, and Break with old habits!

What has been stolen from me?

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy”

John 10:10

As a child or young adult, we loved to keep ourselves busy with recycling, drawing, reading, color, writing, or recycle items; but due to our busy adult life or peer pressure, it got stolen from our hearts. Even our love for God can be compromised as we live our lives and engage with other people and situations.

When you want to embark on the prayer journaling journey, you’ll need special skills except for writing. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will send you on a craft journey to stir up your creativity and to get rid of limitations and strongholds or convey to you a warning or revelation.

5.Clothing yourself with the armor of God

This is the very first prayer activity for me and I spend quite some time praying on each piece. (Ephesians 6)

6.Equip yourself with knowledge 

– Do not be naive to go into battle without basic – and detailed knowledge and biblical truths.

– know your position and identity as a believer in Christ.

– Study scripture !

7.Set up plans

Set up a general prayer outline in your prayer journal with all the areas you’ll be praying about.

Remember, a strategy consists of detailed plans depending on the prayer agenda. Other plans for specific areas or people will emerge from the main plan.

When you make prayer your

business, God will make your business His.


20 thoughts on “How to develop a prayer strategy using journaling

  1. There is nothing that has any Biblical support whatsoever by trying to establish a “Prayer Strategy Using Journaling”. Methodology has nothing to do with Growing in Maturity in the Knowledge of The Lord and HIS WAYS.
    We grow in Grace and FAITH by establishing a personal relationship with Him by how HE leads us into that relationship step by step according to His Plan for our lives. He deals with us personally by guiding us with the Holy Spirit and our personal experiences with HIM. It maybe you are guided in this manner, but does NOT ever mean He will use this type of systematic strategic method with other’s.
    That’s personal. I’ve been journaling since the 90’s, and in no manner has He guided me into a methodology. And I’ve been growing in Him according to His guidance through Journaling, it maybe prayer, sometimes, it may just be by me expressing my struggles, my doubts, my fears, and also I write what He has revealed to me while I read His Word, using a KJV. And every now and then I re-read past journal’s and He uses it to remind me something I asked re: certain a question I asked writing down, and then I see how He answered. Faith is always waiting patiently for HIM to reveal or answer what He desires for ME at any given time. It’s NEVER through a methodology or a strategy, that is NOT faith. It’s an established tradition through one’s fleshly reasoning mind.
    Prayer is established by asking the Lord through His Holy Spirit to guide one…..plain and simple.
    Lord bless you.


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