The last mile 2020/battle

I don't think I can feel
The aches in my legs anymore
Nor can I describe the beat
Of my drumming heart
Playing a new rhythm.

I can not describe the silhouette of my vision
All I know is that its set
On a price already won
Of a race already ran.

As I am in the middle
My left and right lane
Councils each other
And only one transforms.


I was inspired by journeyinfindinggod to write the above utterance of the last section of my 2020/ race .

Holding on to Your promises

As I am entering the promised land

My pace increases

While I’m running

I’m transitioning

Mounting up with wings as an eagle

My way is paved

Obstacles have to accommodate

You will only be required for me to take the first step

A new season is awaiting full of

challenges I’ve already overcome getting my eyes forward with an eagle’s vision new shifts, […]

The Last Mile

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