My prayer journaling season review

Somehow, I was always into journaling, but this time… I became unstoppable and a spark from heaven ignited my prayer altar. I fell in love with Jesus all over again! Not even a honeymoon on Mauritius can compete with this experience! Seriously💞.

When I wrote my first post about journaling I was actually searching for a strategy to ignite my prayer life and little did I knew that it will become my niche. Overcoming the anxious and dull days during the lockdown with prayer journaling became my escape and place of comfort.

How did prayer journaling influence my life?

– The Holy Spirit turned my love for writing and creativity into mighty weapons against the enemy through journaling,

– I started Bible doodles which were literally brought to life by the Spirit, capturing my thoughts in the word of God.

– I found a way to manage work-related stress and conflict more effectively through journaling.

– My teaching experience became so much more interesting because many learners became interested in it as a hobby.

– with every journal entry I received direction on how to pray and strategize.

prayer journaling revived my craftiness. Somehow, I managed to find time for crafts.

– I gained so much knowledge about prayer and the heart of God.


Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.

Colossians 3:2

I woke up extra early to practice my routine and journaling. So right through the day, my mind was set on the direction and on the Word of God I received during prayer journaling. I was able to pay more attention and discern better.

No coincidence

Most things that are happening in our lives are either through God or the works of the devil. So , I’ve learned that when I enter my prayers I should be observant of the warnings and prompts of the Spirit.

With practise you master a skill

As I look back on my journey I see myself as insecure, scared to make mistakes or that I should do things a certain way. But I glanced back with proudness and see the work that the Holy Spirit of God has done in my life.

With inspiration it is possible to compete and complete .

In my moments of small beginnings, I thought I would run alone, but every time I wanted to give up I heard the breath of the Spirit beside me. The Holy Spirit inspired me throughout my journey practicing the skill of prayer journaling, encouraged me to do things I thought I couldn’t.

Sacrificing my time and sleep

At first, I struggled to get into the habit because of the flesh. But I kept on, pushing myself. Sometimes I slept in my prayer corner. It does get better and worthwhile, once the habit is established.

I’ve completed many searches for prayer journaling but only found very few who could give me valuable insights into prayer journaling. Mostly I found ways to start a journal or entry ideas. This season was one of discovering, a deeper understanding, and a close walk with God. I cannot wait for season 2 of prayer journaling.


13 thoughts on “My prayer journaling season review

    1. Im kind of old fashioned .so I have a simple notebook and a my binder I do my Bible studies and topical Bible my book I record all my prayer and poetic prayers.


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