My 2020 Blogging story

So many of us see ourselves as just ordinary human beings. Wasn’t David just a shepherd boy? Wasn’t Esther just an orphan girl raised by her uncle? I admit to being amongst this crowd, but since I started blogging earlier this year. I decided to step away ascending to a new level of seeing myself as created and loved by the Father.

Why did I start blogging?

Honestly, for me, it was probably the biggest leap I had taken in 2020. The lockdown loaded us with lots of free time and I needed something to keep myself busy other than the usual. Creativity and my love for writing longed for an outlet! The most important reason for starting is the urge the Holy Spirit had placed in me. Blogging was a way the Lord used to heal me from the hurt that I experienced in the church and also to start living a purposeful life.

My first month’s experience

I honestly did not know what my angle should be, so I just kept on writing. I felt so small in such a big world of bloggers. So I encouraged my daughter to start blogging who was very busy with her studies at that time. I was so surprised when my first visitor rang ChallEngEr’s doorbell. But I kept going! It was exciting. Still is!

Blog Awards and Tag

Sunshine Blog Award

Liebster Award

Mystery Blogger Award

The sacred bowl tagged me with The Whosoever tag and I connected with a wonderful believer in Christ.

I remembered starting my experience with motivating myself when we attended school for the first time in 5 months.

My just-trying posts

Check your identity before facing giants

A class teacher’ s poem

Celebrating women

Consoler was my most sincere poetry about women serving Jesus Christ and caring for her family.

The poem Gatekeeper came through a revelation of my daughter, where the Lord revealed to her that God chose many women as gatekeepers of cities, schools, churches, and many more areas. Lover was a love poem to express a woman’s love for God.

The series about Esther was quite a journey for me with none stop revelations.

Revelation through prayer and journaling

After putting on the armor of God I wrote this poem about a revelation of the sword of the Spirit.

A beautiful moment while waiting for the kettle made me realize that the Holy Spirit is excitingly waiting for me to get my feet out of bed and into prayer.

Warfare poetry reflects my strong urge to step out in battle like David.

My Blog Diaries

My poetry and diaries were my moments of refreshment and rest

I started blogging insecurely, but as the WordPress community supported me, my confidence grew. I would like to thank you for supporting me in my small beginning.

May your 2021 be filled with God’s neverending grace πŸ’•


15 thoughts on “My 2020 Blogging story

  1. Thanks for sharing your journey. I have a similar experience. I remember when I first started I felt I didn’t belong in the blogging community, but I’m glad I didn’t give up my blog.

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