The significance in small beginnings

How many times did we despise small beginnings?Or pushed away opportunities that appeared to seem insignificant?Isn’t all beginnings small?We got to start somewhere and follow the gradient ladder to greatness, success or even fame.

Seriously, I did not start journaling for any of these reasons. I anxiously started the prayer journaling journey since the pandemic hit the world. At this stage, I did not even know how I’m going to write about it. As I persevered, God turned my mess into something valuable.

Biblical reference of small beginnings

The prophet Elisha sends the slave Gehazi 7 times to see if there is a sign of a cloud. The seventh time Gehazi came with a report of a little cloud as small as a man’s fist which was the beginning of heavy rain after the 7 year drought. (1 Kings 18:44)

Jesus was born in Nazareth. A town that was asked off: Can something good out of Nazareth? And born out of the house of a carpenter! Jesus Christ became the sacrifice from God to man, the king the Jews were waiting for.

David, the shepherd boy, was just a young lad when he courageously stood up to a giant in a real fight. He later became the king of Israel.

Hadasa, an ordinary Jewish girl, rises as Esther, became the successor of queen Vashti and was able to stand in the gap for her nation when they faced extinction.

What motivated me to start another strategy?

  • I got bored with the same old routine
  • I realized after studying a book by Priscilla Shirer that I was only able to rate myself as lukewarm.
  • I was desperate to break with bad habits.
  • I wanted to challenge and apply the benefits of God’s word to my life.
  • I was tired of being defeated.

Although 2020 was a year of disruption, God created opportunities for us to get out there despite the situation, to give what we have, to prepare for our platform to step onto. Amid the chaos, God provided an outcome, but so many did not identify the opportunities He provided. During these times we needed to bounce back from the false identities the world offer and shadowed us with, and search for our godly identity that aligns with the plans and purposes of God for our lives.

The advantages of taking small steps

  • Although our pace might be slow , we are still advancing to the top. Each step closes the gap to our breakthrough, success , healing, deliverance , victory…you can imagine how long this list can grow.
  • Small steps establish a Victory directory for when in need of encouragement, just in case we tend to forget how mighty the hand of our God moved in our lives.
  • We stay humble through small steps as our beginning reflects the story of our success. It reminds us of where we started and makes it possible to relate to the small beginnings of others.
  • It builds up courage in us gradually
  • It becomes the link to my current and next platform to rise to.

Yes, even small steps require courage. I think that this is what makes small steps seem to be difficult or even challenging.

Preparing to enter 2021, we will lift our feet from the last step of 2020 and onto the first step, the beginning, of 2021. Even our feet know they can move at the same time, but to shift – one by one onto the next step of the ladder.

Try something. Start fresh. Evaluate the current. Take charge. Do not settle for defeat.


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