Dandelion Poetic Prayers

Through the womb of one
You thought of us
The whole world includes
Your thoughts for man
To prosper them
No harm
A hope
A future

No price attached
Instead, You gave everything
Everyone receives Your invite
To come to the feast
That is being prepared
For the prodigal
You created a lookout
Your heart long
To notice their silhouettes
At the never ended perimeters
Of your grace to bring in
All who accepts Your gift
Oh how gracious of You
To send a present
with the invitation.

No, it's no bribe
Still my choice!

How could I resist Your grace
You're overwhelming presence

It flooded over my mind
Over my soul
I could not find resistance

Resistance, where we're you?
It could not even reply!

I lifted my feet and dance
I swung my hand to adore
I lifted my pen...
to praise
To war
I set my eyes on the far end
Of Your words
To heal me
To counsel me
To guide me
I accept! I accept!
I realize there is no greater
No other love can fulfill

I accept!

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