A Prayer Journal Resource Kit

When I first started with journaling, I only had a pen, color sheets, a few coloring pens of my son, and an old notebook. Nothing could stop me from starting my prayer notebook.

Later on my journey, I realized that I can use whatever is in my house to make the prayer journey exciting! Fact is, prayer journaling is not the same without resources.

Basic resources

Although prayer journaling is about prayer, we do need tools to make journaling more effective. Here is a basic resource kit for prayer journaling.

Recycled items

Turning ordinary containers into organizers

Using old magazines to make mini envelopes

Using magazines to make dividers

Personalized writing templates

My 3 most important resources

1.a A good pen

2.A Bible

3.a binder or notebook

Winning the war with prayer.

Advancing with prayer journaling


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