Dandelion Prophetic Prayer

Prepare for the harvest

I know it's festive
Times to be merry
But as the year is shifting
I'm shifting at Your timing
I plowed a huge land
Still standing, plowing
With my sword and shield
I take a breath,
Rest for a moment,
Looking back now
Just to be amazed
At so many other workers
With plows still working
, taking short comforts
Your angels coming down
To strengthen their spirit
I see them taking a sip
From Your fountain,
Wipe their forehead

And continue plowing.

It's almost time

The workers of the harvest
Are waiting for their wages.

A Prophetic Word: I did not intend to write, but felt prompted. As I thought I’m composing another poetic prayer, the Holy Spirit said: It is a new word, a prophecy.

So many intercessors are still in prayer for the nations, praying for the harvest and more workers. It is not a time for the watchmen to come down, but to remain on the watchtower, waiting for another sign from God for 2021.


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