Creative prayer journaling

As a mom or teacher, we should be well-known for the fact that we have quite a challenge to persuade our children to do certain things like cleaning up their rooms, eating certain foods, or doing homework.Then, just as we change our strategy about it, our kids can’t get enough of it and actually grow fond these things.

The Holy Spirit introduced to me a Doodle Bible study!

People who would love this !

People who love doodling , although we may not be so good about it! I’m constantly practicing this skill.

Creative mom’s with busy kids would love this.Try it! Small children usually love writing and drawing all over the place.I know!

Visual learners, as I am, would appreciate this method. I love to draw diagrams and word pictures. It makes my brain to comprehend and process information better.

People with a busy thought life, good imagination and the wildest ideas.

People who love creative writing! Writing is one of the biggest tools to enhance our relationship with God, that’s one of the reasons why God introduced prayer journaling to me .

How I do my doodle Bible study.

In a previous post, I explained what steps I follow in doing a doodle Bible study. I’m currently busy with Colossians Bible study, do I chose chapter 3 for this Bible study.

1.Choose verses from the chapter after reading that the Holy Spirit emphasizes to you.

As you make appropriate drawings, your mind must be set on what God wants to reveal to you and how this scripture is relevant to your own and other people’s lives.

2.Take another bite !

Write down important words from scripture.

3.Process the verses with additional information.

4.Pray on scripture

I write my prayers and afterward dedicate them unto God.


Writing and doodling while doing bibble study keeps our mind in the context from beginning to end. The visual images created throughout the study emphasizes the message or theme of the passage. This particular passage from scripture pointed out the nature of men before turning to Jesus as our savior.


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