How to do a visual Bible Study

Fun Doodle Journal Entry

Early one morning I got up, as usual, made a cup of coffee, and sat down with my prayer journal. That specific morning I started with repentance, so I wrote my prayer as usual and dedicate it prayerfully to God. And the Holy Spirit introduced to me a Doodle Bible study! I searched the internet and discover visual bible studies.

Tips for doing a visual Bible study

1.Choose an ideal place and time.

It does not sound like an issue, but sometimes God prefers a certain space and appointed time to reveal to us hidden things, to express His love and comfort to us. I’ve tried many different places and experienced the most beautiful, moments in prayer and Bible study in my garden. When doing a doodle bible study you have to set up a comfortable work area with enough space. When doing a bible study I choose a time that is ideal to hear the voice and prompt of the Holy Spirit.

2.Grab your supplies and set up your workspace 

When doing a visual Bible study, you’ll probably need a few resources. It’s best to make sure you have the basics with you like your journal, pens, ruler, highlighters, a bible, or at least two translations, or anything else that can help to create a doodle study.

3.Get armored !Pray it!Position yourself!

“Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 1For our struggle is not against flesh…”

Ephesians 6:11-12

I never pray ,make a journal entry ,do Bible study or start my day without clothing myself with the armor of God.It’s absolutely critical when you want to receive revelations from the word of God. When I cloth myself with the armor of God I spend some time doing it prayerfully, speaking to my mind, eyes, ears, and heart to be acceptive.

4.Get into the word of God

First, read the particular chapter or verse. I teach my students to read their texts 3 times and I apply the same principle when doing Bible study.

You can also read more about how to improve your doodle word studies here


Gaining general overview


Do a background search with WHAT?WHO?WHERE?WHEN?WHY? to gain deeper knowledge. This information can be highlighted in your Bible.


This is where you start to make inferences, drawing sketches, and adding appropriate words from scripture


Lastly, as I gained more understanding about the particular scripture and even revelation, I pray specifically in these areas.


This took me 30 minutes because I prefer to do snippets when performing a visual Bible study. The important part is understanding and interpreting the word of God in context.


41 thoughts on “How to do a visual Bible Study

    1. Love your posts. I just ordered a book where I can write and draw while reading the scriptures. I find I love to write and now I try to draw too 😊. Can you suggest a good Study Bible? I’m beginning to search for a new one. Others are falling apart. (Good thing, lol)

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