How to crochet a heart-shaped pillow

Dedicate a special space

Since I started to take prayer journaling seriously I felt prompted to start my week with dedication. As time passed I decided to design a special place in our home where I can sit down and write my prayers, dedicate them to the Lord, do Bible studies and so much more. I got the idea when I made little heart keyrings as goodbye presents for our grade 7 learners as they are on their way to high school. And I decided to make my own heart-shaped cushions.

You will need

Steps to follow

I started with a loop and 10 slip stitches and crocheted one part. Then I started the same way and crocheted the second part of the top part and combined the two sides with slip stitches. As you crochet the pillow will become narrowed to the end. After I filled it with polyester fiberfill, closed the end of the pillow with the last few slip stitches, and pulled the thread through the inside of the pillow.

There can be many ways to add finishing touches to the pillow or if you like, just leave it the way it is.

I finished it off with a row of slip stitches around the edges of the pillow and two rows formed with loops out of 3 chains.

Prayer is shaping my life and of those around me, therefore I have to enlarge my prayer territory through journaling way more. I’m excited as this is only the beginning of creating a special space for prayer.


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