How to design a personalized warroom

Structure and outline of a Prayer journal entry

Prayer journaling is an excellent resource to develop our spiritual walk with God, but also a way of tracking the consistency of our prayers, intensifying our relationship with God. It also establishes good relationships at home, church, and work. How? It helps me to stay in the right frame of mind and to refrain from negativity.

But how do I structure my prayers?

At first, I started off writing on blank pages, but as my prayer life advanced I felt the need for structured prayer pages. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I carefully plan my layout for the week.

Why use a layout for prayers

  • It gives direction during prayer
  • It is specific and strategic
  • It stores your reflections and revelations.
  • Organizing prayer needs
  • It reflects a prayer strategy

The outline of a personalized prayer journal depends on the type of entry :

  • Daily devotions
  • Scripture art
  • Bible doodle studies
  • Revelations
  • Bible studies
  • Journal crafts

Before I write my prayers in my prayer book I usually create my layout.

Sometimes I’m inspired, then I do journal art combined with prayer. Everything turns out to be around prayer!


We are unique and different, therefore I believe that it is best to create our own prayer strategy. We can find lots of examples of printables on Pinterest, but we have to discern carefully whether it suits our prayer needs.


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