Blogging diary

Dialogues with God

I found the farthest end
And set my goals
Setting it securely
But my eyes...sweet Counselor
I set on you
While I started off
On blogging journey
I reminisce about my start
How insecure, and nervous.
You taught me
So much about beginnings

When my heart wanted to faint
Courage and Faith partnered
Setting up a meeting
Discussing my case
To strategize on my behalve
And scheduled my case to Hope
While I was waiting...
Silently, without complaints,
I'm reassured of Rest.

I spoke to my heart
And rebuke
My heart will not be crammed

I refused and took up
My shield and sword

I refused to be
With worldly measures.

It's true
You're no man neither false

Does he speak and then not act?
Does he promise and not fulfill?


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