Adding fun to Prayer

Prayer journal mail

I completely fell in love with prayer journaling! Mail in your prayer journal! Great fun and I bet children would love the process of creating little envelopes and all the decorating.

A sanctified place to offer prayer

Through prayer journaling, we create a platform, an altar to offer our prayers unto God, and also a place to receive revelation and answers. It is a place to receive:

  • Fulfillment
  • Refreshment
  • An escape from the world
  • Edification
  • Breakthrough
  • Revelation
  • New ideas
  • Provision
  • Strategy
  • Comfort and Rest
  • A sound mind

Prayer journaling also creates a meeting place for me and the Lord, a platform where He can talk to me.

Birthing new ideas through journaling

For no apparent reason, I carried my journal to all my classes and the learners started to asked me about it. And one day a grade 4 learner showed me her journal. I didn’t even know that she started journaling. I found the loveliest little treasure in her journal: prayer mail!

A grade 4 learner’s journal entry.

She started praying for her family by writing prayers and putting them into mini-envelopes. One of her nephews is in grade 5 and struggled with keeping up with his schoolwork. I noticed a sudden change in his attitude towards completing assignments and tasks … and I found the source in a little prayer envelope! Our God does answer our prayers!

Creating mini envelopes out of magazines

Who said we can not learn from children. God is no acceptor of a person and can use anyone according to His will. I adopted this unique idea and created mini envelopes, from magazines.I decorated the envelopes with foam letters of family members’ names.

Prayers about my family

These little envelopes are ideal because the learners love to look at my prayer book. They are more interested in doodles and word art. By using the envelopes my prayers stay out of sight and private.

Just another hobby?

Not just any hobby, but rather a powerful tool to receive strategy to break through the battle lines and to create a prayer strategy to become more than a conqueror.

Blessed journaling.📩



16 thoughts on “Adding fun to Prayer

  1. What a precious moment it must of been to have a 4th grader show you her journal. I love that she inspired a new element to be added to your own journal. Children are such a gift and its wonderful to read about a young prayer warrior. Thank you for sharing her idea!

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