Living a devoted life

Prayer journaling as your daily portion

Is it really necessary to take a daily plunge into your prayer journal? I believe and experienced it to be of absolute importance as it links directly to a daily established contact session with God.

Prayer journaling as a strategic weapon

Prayer journaling is a strategic weapon given to strategists in the kingdom of God to receive supernatural insights, Holy Spirit guidance, and revelations. I found it to be effective two-way communication between me and God. Why? When I’m writing my prayer entry, I first start with the outline and structure of my page. Then I start writing my prayers and afterward comes the fun part: creativity

Prayer journal heading
Heading of a journal entry

In this particular entry above, I started with the words, and the Holy Spirit created a strong longing and a sense to be trained and to fight back as I remembered how I shamefully walked away, defeated by the enemy. I felt so strongly that I wrote a poem about it to articulate my emotions, my faith, and boldness in the Lord.

Finally, be strong in the Lord and his mighty power.

Ephesians 6:10

Prayer journaling became my fighting gloves.

Every day as we walk out in the arena of the world, we need to be trained and well prepared for the challenges and confrontations awaiting us ahead. During every prayer journal entry, the Spirit of the Lord equips and prepares us because only God can see the hurdles ahead of us.

Blessed journaling



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