Dandelion Poetic Prayers

I use to feel defeated
Sometimes after the battle,
Sometimes even during battle
Walking away, shamefully
With my head hanging,
Glancing back at my gloves.
No, it's not their fault!

I remember
How I was stripped
Of my courage,
My spirit to fight
How the enemy use to steal
Braveness from my heart
And let me watch

How he robbed me of my gifts
And those of my loved ones
I watched how he dimmed
The personality
Of people, I love dearly

I am fighting a new fight
With new energy
New strength
New courage
As I called out Your name
From where I hid
I arose
From the shame

In the power of Your Spirit

I am winning...



8 thoughts on “Dandelion Poetic Prayers

  1. That was beautiful. In the power of your spirit. It’s all about the Holy Spirit and how it guides us, convicts us, and keeps us faithful to God. God bless

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