Leading through Prayer Journaling

Winning the war over the flesh

Our morning routine is the set-off for the day and set our mood, strength, capacity, and direction for the day ahead of us. Early morning, at 5 am when everyone is still asleep is the most precious and vital time to buy out. It is like given unto God a tenth of your time, a sacred offering unto Him.

Before we set off on our way, our feet must be aligned in divine purpose.

Finding it difficult to give up some of your sleep or time:

I’ve learned soon enough when I started journaling, that my body and mind must adapt to the changes that God wanted to add to my life for me to live in divine purpose and counseling. One of the areas that were mostly influenced was my time and thoughts. I had to accept the changes by waking up earlier than usual; writing, listening to God how to strategize for the day.

Galatians 5 :17

For the flesh desires
what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit
what is contrary to the flesh.

They are in conflict with each other, so that you are not to do whatever you want.

Even when my body and mind resist the things of the Spirit of God, I reinforce the things of the Spirit which are God’s divine plans and thoughts for my life.

We have to train our bodies and mind how to be a living sacrifice unto God and to be transformed according to Romans 12:1&2. With Prayer journaling, I have found a strategy to give the flesh a knock-out and to break free from fleshly desires trying to keep me in bondage and keeping my blessed life from me.

The flesh does not like routine and being organized, especially in the field of your godly purpose. I’m crucifying the flesh daily with every journal entry or activity to come unto the obedience of God.

Blessed journaling



9 thoughts on “Leading through Prayer Journaling

  1. This is so true. I have decided to read the Bible in 365 days with the help of a Bible app. And the best time for doing this, is 5 in the morning, when the house is still sleeping. Later in the day the rush keeps me from the app, and concentrating on reading. At first, it was difficult. But now, by day 210 it is routine. I cannot believe it. I have started mid-April 2020 when the lockdown was set for another month. Now so many months have passed, and still we are not out of lockdown … But, the Bible might be read within 365 days. I have passed the halfway mark …

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      1. Thank you. Not that I understand everything I read. I found some horrible stories in the Bible, but it is great to read through the Bible. I wanted to do that many times, but did not pull it through. The app helps a lot.

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      2. It’s true.i do not always understand then I simply ask the Holy Spirit to give me understanding and interpret for me.keep on until Jesus comes back💞

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