Dandelion Poetic Prayers

You are
The generator
Of my heart
Whenever I feel like
Giving up everything
I hear the crunch
Of your keys to my heart,
And the hinges of my door
Submitting to Your gentle,
Though mighty presence.
I adore
Your rescuing stroll
Through the chambers
Of my heart, searching

Finding broken cuts
Fixing it
With divine tools

I glimpse
At the light
In my temple
On and off
Between short intervals

And recognized
Your shadow
In my uncertainty

I am

At peace

Your words
Still manifest today
As before :

Do not lose hope.
I am with you.
Do not be discouraged
Be still
As soon as You heard 
My call , my breath
My utterance of help

You step into my darkness
With Your eternal light
That darkness cannot
Prevail against.
Your light glows 
Like dandelion dust
Against the panes
Of my window

At the sound
Of fixing
The issues of my heart
I'm wide awakened
Rescued out of
A moment of despair
The light blinded my fears
I can see.


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