A Morning Routine for a working mom

Search for meaning in a busy program

Do you have a morning routine? Of course! Everyone has some kind of morning routine. Whether it is very early in the morning or somewhat later, it still counts as one. Or even if it is running around, organizing yourself and the kids before dropping them at school and still you have to head to work. It’s so much easier when having a partner to help you, but then; they have their own kind of morning routine. Or in my case, my husband was working away from home. I struggled to keep up with all my duties and multi-tasking.

But how effective do we spend our time?And how fulfilling is our morning time?

What is a morning routine?

A morning routine is a set of essential activities that you start your day with after waking up. As we grow older, these activities become habits, whether good or bad.

A Morning routine can be:

  • A cup of coffee/tea and a newspaper or a book.
  • A shake and off to walking or running. I used to first have my herbal tea, then off to running to relax with my breakfast shake in the garden afterward.
  • Coffee and television. I’m guilty as charged. For a certain time when I was down, this was my morning routine. I used to watch my favorite Home program, searching for meaning to start the day with, but it was only Fake.
  • Tea, bible, and bird watching in the garden. I had so many intimate moments doing this, especially during the holidays.
  • Writing
  • Journaling. Journaling can consist of writing, planning, doodling, and searching for deeper meaning, strength, direction, and motivation. But the price it asks is getting up earlier than usual.

How do our morning routine pleases God?

Whatever you do, work at it with your whole being, for the Lord and not for men,

Colossians 3:23

…to be continued.