Journaling: Write your first prayer journal entry

Ideas for starting a prayer journal

Leviticus 20:7
So set yourselves apart
to be holy,
for I am the LORD your God.

Journaling for me is like pom poms. You don’t have to worry about how you should start. It does not make sense to you at the beginning, but as God is shaping us through the process, just as I shape my pom-poms until they’re shaped or fluffy, we’ll arise to be victorious.

Even more: OVERCOMERS! You create your own index.

Since I started journaling, I am constantly thriving on God’s word, unlike before. I’m carrying my prayer notebook everywhere with me, even on my way to the shopping mall. Really! While my husband is driving I am doodling or writing.

I used to have a journal, but I did not quite own it as I do now. I constantly misplaced my previous prayerbook, just to write in another book! Frustrating it was! I even used any color pen I could get that morning! I was not committed and organized, although the content of my old journal was just as precious and does reflect true relationships, answers, and breakthroughs.

So I kept desiring for more than just a book where I write my prayers in. I needed more space for doing Bible studies, declarations, and many more aspects as I’m growing in faith.

It’s amazing how God can generate so much more when we initiate something that pleases Him.

Tips for your first prayer journal entry

1.Identity in Christ

This is basically a page where you write down scriptures and decree your godly identity, that you’re a new person in Christ, and all things of the past are gone. (2Korinthians 5:17)

2.A Scripture Doodle


God honors His own word and adheres to it accordingly. Declarations of God’s word are the most effective and powerful weapons to use on your spiritual journey.

Jeremiah 1
12 The Lord said to me,
“You have seen correctly,
for I am watching to see
that my word is fulfilled.”

4.A Dedication

I love to start my prayers and fasting with dedication. So I chose to start my prayer journal with the dedication of myself, my words, my mind , my time, and other areas the Holy Spirit shows me to bring before God.

Romans 12:1
I appeal to you, therefore, brothers,
by the mercies of God,
to present your bodies
as a living sacrifice,
holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.

I was very skeptic about this myself and I prayed about it many times before I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to get down to action and write one out.

Your turn

What will be your idea for a first journal entry, even though it is not a prayer journal?



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