Dialogues with God

Weekly Experiences

You've got me all excited
As I wake up early
Each morning, I can't wait
Exchanging my rob
For Your armor.
Waiting at the kettle's side

Oh, How I love Your voice,
Your previous touch
And hearing your steps
Drawing closer to me.
Holding my breath,
Keeping count of Your steps
As I've learned
To recognized Yours above all

I'm amazed at Your
Might in simplicity

It's been a while now
Since You invited me
Early morning
To tell me a secret

But I'm taking Heaven by storm: To sing a new song
To be clothed
To fill my cup with grace
My lantern with new oil
My days with courage, hope, joy, and overflowing measure,
A pressed portion of provision.

I'm pushing forcefully
Doors to open
Iron gates to receive my keys

...All on my knees.



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