Prayer Journaling

DIY Binder Dividers

Journaling does not only invite us into the world of writing but also takes us on the creative route we never thought we’re capable of.

Prayer journaling has a special prophetic ambiance that makes our prayer life productive and our faith grows stronger. It makes everything, even the doodles, come alive, sending us secret messages if guided by the Spirit of God.

I already started to own my prayer journal with the basics (book), but my heart kept longing for more, so I started with a war binder to include different sections for my bible studies, bible scripture doodling, dedications, declarations, dreams, testimonies, and more.

Recycle old magazines

We have lots of old magazines stored in boxes, some being used in the classroom or homework projects of my children. I got the idea of using strips of magazine paper and layering it onto one sheet with glue. You can just use water to glue strips onto the sheet because when it is soaked in coloring substance, the pieces became loose.

How to make your own vintage paper sheets

I made use of the following technique to color the paper sheets.


I used strong coffee to color the following one by soaking it into the solution for an hour at least. I gently pressed the sheet a little into the coffee. When some of the pieces move out if it places I simply rearranged it.

After soaking in coffee I put it outside to dry. I used small strips of paper to outline it for a neat look because the edges can be a little rough.

Tea and curry mixture Vintage look

I used the same method of layering strips of paper but use strong black tea and curry as a colorant.


After soaking it into the tea and curry solution I put it outside to dry.

Black tea and curry
Directly after soaking in tea and curry

To give it a little bit more of a vintage look I took a wet cloth and rubbed gently over the images and removing any curry traces. I used strips of paper to cover the edges although it is not necessary.

Blessed Journaling 💞



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