How Journaling can order the steps of young minds

Walking in God’s purpose

Journaling is not just for adults. It can be a tool to help teens establishing themselves amongst others and can also become a lifelong resource to hold on to. Teens and children find it most inspiring to be creative. Creative is the keyword here because it’s quite a challenge to get them interested in writing or reading.

Teen lifestyle

Most teenagers today are drawn to worldly desires and practices that lead them away from God and His purpose for them. Sometimes they found out soon enough that they are on the wrong track, but not all of them are lucky.

Jeremiah 29:11

I know the plans I have for you.

If only they return to the principles and values of God.In all of this, teens need good mentors guiding them in their everyday decisions.So many young lives are being threatened and destroyed.Sometimes these predators seem harmless, exciting and fun , but the impact and consequences ernormous.

Possible Mentorlist 
  • A peer- teenager friendship
  • Parents
  • Older brother or sister
  • Other Family members
  • Grandparents
  • Teachers
  • Church leaders
  • Youth group leader
  • And of course , the Spirit of God , our greatest mentor.

Teen values

Psalm 119:9

How can a young person stay on the path of purity? By living according to your word.

Journaling has the secret ability to reveal our hidden self and thus giving the opportunity to create new and stronger values.It is a space where we can be honest and just be ourselves. Our own value system should be aligned with the values if God according to His word.

How to get children or teens interested in journaling.

Can be quite a challenge today because most kids are drawn into their cellphones, social media, television, and friends.Its no use if they’re not interested in the first place , otherwise it will not become a hobby.

The Spirit of God used my journaling to get children interested

I had no intention to introduce journaling to children as I was just minding my own business journaling whenever I could find some time.I used any possible time available. Whenever the learners in my classes are individually working quietly, I would take 2-3 minutes to write or doodle as I carried my journal with me. My own son has his own doodling book now!

To see me working in my journal caught their interest, especially when they saw me doodling. Drawing is always a winner to get even older kids interested.

Modeling the way yourself.
  • Praying as a role model or mentor
  • Be sensitive to the needs of young minds
  • Stay on track
  • Stay ahead with planning
  • Implement Holy Spirit trends
  • Delegate if things get tough
  • Leads positively and through the Spirit of God
  • Give prompts that come from the treasure chest of God’s spirit.
  • Give positive guidance and feedback.
  • Appreciate their writing
  • Consider positive reinforcement
  • Be innovative and spread awareness using special projects.

I am always writing from my own experiences and I can see the early signs of success in the attitudes and minds of my learners. I also use journaling as a tool to reinforce my English writing within the classroom.

Blessed journaling.



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