The Basics in Journaling– Part 2

Girding your loins

Prayer journaling can be a tool of transformation whereby we can be molded from our old patterns. (Romans 12:2)

The main focus in prayer journaling is prayer and the impact of it.

In Intrinsic motivators, I mentioned the factors that are driving forces from within and how it must be practiced, mastered, and maintained. Intrinsic factors in prayer journaling determine the level and development of extrinsic factors. The more the intrinsic factors are practiced the more extrinsic rewards.

What are the extrinsic factors in journaling ?

Extrinsic factors refer to the things that influence or motivate you, while journaling, from the outside. It can also be found in the way prayer journaling impacts your life with all its positive outcomes.

1.The art of prayer journaling

Journaling itself has a tremendous impact on our personal – and spiritual development, depending on our unique character and spiritual gifts.

The art in prayer journaling includes:

  • Practicing writing skills
  • Practicing different fonts/lettering
  • Experimenting with color and mediums
  • Practicing and enjoying sketching

2.Exploring and discovering yourself

Through prayer, we discover the pieces of our godly purpose and become goal-driven in life. Of course, it is going to take time, energy, and practice. Eventually, as we keep on prayer journaling, our vision will become clearer and operating in a sound mind. Our thought life will be focused on reason and prayer effectively.

3.Evidence of faith

Our prayer journal becomes the evidence of all our answers in prayer, our deliverance from evil, and prove of provision. It becomes a valuable legacy of your life and the most valuable asset to your children because it is a lifestyle.

4.Spiritual discipline

Prayer journaling expects more than just a once-off prayer during the day It constantly reminds you to pray and keeps you busy right through the day during appointed times of the Holy Spirit. Prayer and discipline have the power to break bad habits.


We prepare our hearts and wait upon God when prayer journaling. Through endurance, the peace of God flows to all areas of our lives, and we learn to trust God, even though things do not turn out the way we want it to.


Prayer journaling is an effective way to discern the will of God and to hear Him speaking to us. I did not realize this at first, but I became aware of hearing God through journaling while drawing and writing. So at the end of my week, I can look back and see the footprints of the Spirit of God beside me as I go through my book and binder. It’s amazing how I learn to read the hidden messages in my doodling.

The combination of Prayer Journaling is always practice, discernment, and fervent prayer to follow in the plans of Him who wants to prosper us. (Jeremiah 29;11)



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