My Pom Pom Journal

Making it a daily experience

I love the versatility of pom-poms because it comes with very few boundaries. From toys, carpets, bathroom sets to simple crafts like bracelets.

Making a pom is fun and very easy. When creating smaller crafts I used my How to make a pom-pom strategy.

A pom bracelet

You will need

A few poms-poms

A comb

A brush

Needle and thread



I used the gentle strokes of the comb first to detangle and to separate threads. Then I stroke the pom ball gently until it is light and fluffy.

Lastly, I crocheted a string to attach the Bible scripture cards to the pom.

I made these crafts as presents and mentoring gifts to my students who accepted Christ in their hearts. They can even use it as a pencil bag attachment or a book mark.



9 thoughts on “My Pom Pom Journal

  1. Great idea! My girls love making pompoms. This would be a perfect project for them and a fun way to record the scriptures they are memorizing during the current school year.

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