Dandelion Poetic Prayers

Photo by NSU MON on Pexels.com

A True Prayer Experience

Still sleeping

I heard You knocking,

knocking urgently on my heart’s door

and I reacted, putting my feet

in my warboots,

pulling down the hallway

my garment of praise

and before entering the arena,

I sealed my forehead with Your seal,

kneeling down in adoration

and take up the rest of Your gear,

Just to have a Sela moment

As I`m spending some time

Dwelling in these precious moments

of revelation from Your word

I adore Your divine thruth

becoming an active weapon

To remove broken bodies,

From wreckages of bondage

My heart experienced the joy

Of when a child receives a gift

As I put on my running shoes

Seeking for new momentum

And wonderful heights

To find new seed flights

of dandelions



11 thoughts on “Dandelion Poetic Prayers

    1. Thank you.Sela is a moment is prayer or reading the word of God when you stop and meditate on a verse.in this particular case for me was while praying when God revealed something special to me and I stopped to think about it .and while doing this , it becomes clearer

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