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A pom pom duster and cleaner

Call me strange, but I love making things with pom poms. Its so versatile and ticks so many project profiles. You can even make art with it.

I got the craziest idea of making a pom duster and multipurpose cleaner. I know it does not cost much money to buy one, but it is an interesting piece to make. I love custom made tools in my house. This duster absorbs more dust and … it can be cleaned afterward. I can even use it to clean spaces where I cannot reach properly.

What you will need

All you need is wool to make the pom poms, a stick, glue gun, and a needle.

Steps to follow

First I made the pom-poms and used scissors to shape it neatly. Then I used the needle and thread to pull the pom-poms together working the needle through…

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