Blogging Diary 12

As I toggled between classes

I trusted You for every word

Although I humanly fail, still

You even saved some time

In my busy schedule

To let me correct my mistakes

almost flawlessly,

What I love about You mostly

Is Your tender, but firm voice

And when you turn my breaks

In special dandelion seeds

Floating along in the hallways .

When I wonder about You

It’s because of adoration

Worshipping in spirit

Yes, even in my act of revealing

I need my Helper to draw near to You

On my own, I cannot breathe out

My most inner thoughts and feelings

When praising or repenting

I am dependant

Of Your strength

That overrides my weaknesses

When I stumble and fall

I feel Your grip on my arm

Clutching my heart, my soul

I would be incomplete and weak

Without You on my side.

Councilor, how wonderful You are.

ChallEngEr 💞


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