Blogging Diary 11

Photo by Happiness Maker from Pexels

Your mercies

I gave counted

Oh, but could not find

The total of Your ways

You’re endless mercies

New, every morning

As you let me wake

To explore the land of grace

You’ve turned every site

Of my land, in construction,

To rebuild, to renew

Transforming my style , my thoughts

To agree with the endless promises

You’ve left us in Your will .

Without me realizing

You opened my mouth to speak

And my fingers to war

To destroy the idols and temples

Although my courage was little.

You’ve made me the sower

borrowed my time

and pieces of my land

To teach me the parable of sowing


Before leaving the site,

You prompted me to turn around

Made me sit and write down

Little labels for each seed

So I can count Your ways.

Till next time…



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