Encounters: How God proved Himself to be real

Photo by Edward Eyer from Pexels

A prank in my classroom turned into a godly encounter

When I wrote about discerning God’s voice I wrote about the ways God can speak to us, because He is alive and can hear our calls, cries, and even our thoughts. Although we cannot see Him, we stand in faith that He is alive and speaks to us.

The setting

Due to COVID 19, our usual classrooms were moved to rooms with more space to accommodate the space requirements between learners.

Grade 6 in the school hall

The plot

As we are busy with our morning devotion before going ahead with the days work, we had our morning decision about a boy who did not believe that God is real and how God answered his mother’s prayer.

After settling them into an activity, I quickly had to fetch a document from my original classroom. While I was standing there, looking for the document, I suddenly felt an urge to go back to the hall immediately and to go straight to my desk. I had no reason to do this; I needed nothing in my bag.

As I enter the hall learners were quietly busy and 2 boys approached me. I immediately asked them to wait for me at their desks and went straight to my desk. I could see the class’ eyes on me, did not know why.

The climax

As I opened my bag and stretched my hand inside, still not knowing what I was looking for; I glimpse at a green snake.

Instantly, I took the toy snake and threw it out of my back, turning to everyone, starring with amazement: How did I know that one on the boys tried to play a prank on me?

The fact is, I did not.When I was quickly out of my room God allowed this to happen to prove to them that He do exists.

The children were astonished and some of them cried out: I knew it!

I found out that some learners expected me to know this as I claim that I am a child of God.


That morning a class of 36 learners stood up and honor God through accepting Jesus Christ as their savior.

John 1:12

But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name,

God is a reality.



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