Blogging diary 10

I am constantly stretching out

To giving up, letting go

But then You said there is nothing

You do not begin and not complete

So as a disciple

You expect me to model…

Just then You open the gate

And let me there amazed

As from the entrance, I can glimpse

Treasures of valuable fortunes

For the first time, I’m starting

To meet transforming me

I keep finding my hands involved

With puzzles in Your Word

As I brought my children,

My own and those You’ve given

Unto me, in prayer before You

I cried out to you

For their hearts and minds

To be conserved

As You touched mine

With great courage and strength.

I am

An overcomer.



11 thoughts on “Blogging diary 10

  1. ‘I am an overcomer’. Thank you for this, it just reminds of how fulfilling a life with Christ is. I’ve overcome most things when I put Him at the center of everything.

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