Game plan for change

Getting ready for change: Part 2

Puzzles of our purpose, I believe, are found in each new season of our lives. Every season has pieces to our godly identity and destiny. Sometimes these puzzles are complex and challenging to figure out, but with the support of our Helper, the Holy Spirit, it is possible to succeed. I believe we cannot just sit back and wait for the tree to grow, but have to do everything in our abilities to get fruit from the tree. We have to find ways to discover the hidden things God has in store for us.

1.Discerning your season

Different times in our lives should be discerned so we can act appropriately. Spiritual seasons are necessary for maturity and growth.

The importance of discerning times

  • God expects it from us. It is a responsibility.
  • When we can know the times we can order our step in the direction of change.
  • Discerning new seasons in our lives make us progressing in our walk with God or in reaching destined life events.
  • Maturity and growth

2. Start journaling

Keeping a journal will definitely treasure our experiences and store them for sharing with others and also for us to store as a valuable chapter of our life.

I started keeping diaries at high school but changed to journaling when I reach university.

Why switch to journaling?

Diaries were about me, but journaling was about God.

Journaling will serve as a developmental- and growth tracker of my personal – and spiritual life, enriched and strengthened my walk with God also.

Being organized implies having a vision and living a purposeful life.

3. Start a vision- or goal chart

Hebrew 11:6

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadiofrom Pexels

When I am talking about a vision board I simply refer to mapping scripture or dreams where God spoke to me personally, especially those that were given to you in prayer by the Holy Spirit. As believers, we can never replace our faith in God with vision boards trying to motivate us. God, is our true and biggest source of motivation. I believe for some people ( visual learners)the message becomes clearer if they figure it out through creative writing.

4. Find a hobby

Balancing your life is essential. Hobbies or at least in our lives can lower the pressure from work – or other stress-related situations. I told myself that I do not even have time for hobbies, just then I found myself busy in the garden on a Saturday morning. As time goes on I realized I am busy making a pom- pom project.

5.Walking with a mentor

Mentorship is a great aspect option, especially when your a young believer or just gave your heart to Christ. God even pointed me to a mentor that suited me best. I loved how she worshipped God and I wanted to be like that .

6. Start exercising

Don’t fret! Just walk around the block!

Even if you’re not the exercise type a simple walk in nature or around the block will do you good. I love it best to take a walk in the park or in the open fields in our area.

This is where I turn my walking into prayer walking. A 15-minute workout in your yard or even room is another option for busy ones like me.

Fact is :

We need to make sure if we are where God wants us to be. We have to realize that He has a purpose for our lives and plans to prosper us! Depending on where we are at the moment, God expects us to know the seasons.

Embrace your new season.


16 thoughts on “Game plan for change

  1. Active steps to take, thank you for these. β™₯

    I am working right now in giving my heart to Christ and releasing control of much of my life. Trying to micro manage every little thing had led me to burn-out multiple times. It also moves me away from where he leads as I think I can do it in my own. God guides me. When I lean on Him and walk the path he’s set before me with courage – even when I don’t have all the things I need quite yet – I feel empowered to live life the way He prompts. Thank you again for your heartfelt words. 😊

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    1. πŸ’žI thank Jesus for connecting you with the weapons you will need to succeed.Keep on, persevere , ask for grace …you are already victorious when in Christ Jesus .have a great day.🏡

      Liked by 1 person

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