My pom pom journal

A Beautiful DIY pom rug

Pom poms are ideal to make a quick and time-saving rug or any other project. They easily fill up all the spaces and cover up all the mistakes throughout your project .It also gives a soft and finishing touch.

Woolen poms are relatively quick and easy to make, but poms from polyester are super easy and I love them almost just the way they come from my hand!

Here’s how to make a pom from polyester material.

I used the same method of How to make a fluffy pom. I also used an old duvet cover and cut it into strips. When I saw the finished pom I thought about the beautiful rugs I saw in the shop for some GOOD prices! I can make my own stuff!!

A stylish DIY rug

I created a multipurpose rug that can be used in any room, even in your bathroom.

Materials needed

  • A needle for sewing
  • Thread
  • Pom poms

What I loved about polyester poms

It is super easy to work with and I do not bother cutting and shaping too much.

They have a beautiful texture when using rugs for any other project.

How I made it

Before I started sewing them together I first put poms together in the shape I wanted to rug to be like.

When starting sewing one should always keep in mind the shape you want and not sewing them so tightly because it can end up in another shape.

Until the next project.

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11 thoughts on “My pom pom journal

    1. Very relaxing and fun, especially making pom poms and putting it together. the cutting of strips however us a little bit tiring but it’s worth it in the end. have a great day.and send me a post if you do try this one 😁

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      1. Yes for sure. I do quilting so I always have lots of little strips left over and this is a perfect thing to do with them! Thanks for the idea and God Bless!

        Liked by 1 person

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