Weekly literary insights

During last week’s poetry session, we explored the theme Fake in the classroom and learners felt really strong about the topic. This week I decided to choose a topic that we recently were confronted within a higher degree through the Covid 19 pandemic :

I do not just carry on with the usual curriculum, doing what is expected of me as a teacher. I am living my calling to direct learners to show the way to a greater purpose through poetry. During these sessions, learners work in groups brainstorming, but this week I instructed them to write individually after brainstorming.


Fear is something that likes to hideaway and I want learners to do introspection, being very honest when they write about the topic. I want them to override the last week’s theme: Fake with honesty, admitting true feelings through poetry.

They do not have to pretend in groups but write from the heart.

What children have to say about ABUSE

The benefits of using poetry for personal development.

1.Times are very uncertain, especially now during this pandemic; but fear is hiding in all spaces of life . Learners learn to identify fear inside and around them.

2. Learners identify their own strengths and weaknesses.

3. It is a great tool to bring out development especially in shy and introverted learners.

4.Self-confidence is starting to make it’s appearance and it gets better during each session.

5.Learners practice showing respect to fellow learners.

6. The mood set through poetry sessions enhance the overall classwork .

Poem 1

I felt fear

After I shed a tear

So let’s change the year

To a new beginning

Where I am winning

Let’s be brave

Don’t be no slave!

Fear is an ugly emotion

Don’t give it a promotion!

Poem 2

Everyone has different fears

Most of them leave you in tears

Some fears can be so obscure

Dark and scary

Some fears are silly

Like being scared of insects.

Then again, fear can be surreal

Strange, but real.


The poetry sessions are really rocking our space on the timetable. Although some learners did not feel to share their poems about fear, we respected their feelings and left a space for counseling.



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