Dandelion Poetic prayers

Since I was young

I felt you in the evening breeze,

Between the leaves of the trees

In my grandad’s garden.

I did not know then

Who You said your are.

But I knew my soul

Was meant to cry out to You…

Now waiting for you as a woman

Anxious to lean on You

To put my head onto Your rest

To embrace Your healing

And loving touch

And to hear Your spoken word.

Oh ,How You healed me

Even long before I existed

You’ve settled my life plans

You’ve spoken to the seasons

To be gentle

To send their rain., their fruit

Each at the destined times.

Oh my Deliverer,

You send grace for a season like this.


Photo by Anastasia Shuraevafrom Pexels

13 thoughts on “Dandelion Poetic prayers

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