Weekly Literary Insights

How to use brainstorming to improve participation.

In this week’s poetry session ,we are exploring personal changes in a teenager’s life and what impact it has on their lives.

Icebreaker Activity

I love to incorporate art in writing texts because it is interesting and I believe children should be developed holistically.

Learners explored the theme: Change using different fonts, colors, and words.

The benefits of brainstorming the topic

Here are only a few benefits although there are still numerous to add.

  • Having a panel- or group discussion about the topic gives the learners the opportunity to reflect on their own lives and past experiences.
  • It builds up enthusiasm before tackling the actual task.
  • Brainstorming builds self-confidence if handling wisely by the facilitator. It motivates the shy and introverted child to smile and relaxes, even taking part in conversations.
  • Boosting participation . More learners get involved to raise their voices, concerns, fears, and insecurities. Everyone feel free to propose because their inputs are not rejected.
  • Learners’ views about the topic are broadened during discussions and learn that changes are not all bad.
  • Learners receive indirectly counseling while listening to other input being clarified by the facilitator.
  • Setting the pace for groundwork because good ideas are offered.
  • Brainstorming is an effective tool to unlock creativity and to fight writer’s block.
  • It stimulates the visual, auditory and kinesthetic learner with all the inputs,movement and creativity.
  • Critical thinking is developed.
  • Fresh ideas are born
  • It sets a baseline for the actual activity


A group’s poem about personal changes.

From yesterday’s baby

Transformed to my own person

Changes with it’s rude attitude

Sometimes knocks me off my mood

Playing football with all my thoughts

Making them ride on a roller coaster

Saying” I’m fine”;just another word

But when I say:

Leave me alone!

Don’t you think

you’re the one to blame?

Then suddenly you appear

Only just to change your mind!


Change has become the norm in our lives and in the world. We learn to come up with ways to deal with it, but children tend to model behavior and unfortunately do not always find good role models. Talking and brainstorming ideas about this topic gave me a good understanding of how they learn to cope with the changes in their lives.



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