What children have to say about abuse

Photo by Rica Tejada from Pexels

Weekly Literary Insights

Abuse has become a silent norm in our communities , cities, and continent. Women in South Africa are raising their voices in protest action against it. They’re not only shattering the silence but stepping out in action.

Doing my part:Raising Awareness

During the activity, recycling for an oral lesson, one. of my grade 7 learners asked me to address the boys in her class about the abuse of women. Oh, I wish you could seen their faces as they were drawn into her words! So I decided that it has to be my theme for the next poetry session.

Ice breaker activity


In our brainstorming session about the theme, they identify all kinds of abuse. Some did not even think of certain instances as abuse and it broadened their perspective about the issue.

With all these inputs they were supposed to write 5 lines and mark their best line. They had to make sure of the following:

  • The mood they want to set in the poem
  • The desired impact it must have on the reader

Group work:Combining ideas


Now the challenge is to put these lines into one poem, each using their favorite line and where to place in the poem.


Now for the fun part! Listening to their poems :




It must stop

Let’s stand up for our next generation

It’s always rough

It’s been tough

It is not the way to solve problems

We were not meant to hurt or be hurt

God created us with a promise

A powerful tool to give us strength

To give to children

the new inheritance,

Real men care

Stop abuse!

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