Crafts: My pom – pom journal

How to make a teddy bear using poms.

Crafting is one of my hobbies and it helps me to relax This journal is a weekly experiment with pom- poms and all the possibilities to create with them.

Why are pom poms ideal for crafting?

  • It’s easy to make and use!
  • It’s fun to work with!
  • Looks so pretty !
  • A soft touch and look

You can also check out the pom duster and cleaner.

Making pom-poms

In my first journal entry, I wrote about how to make a fluffy pom and the different ways to create a pom-pom. So when working with pom poms your best tool will be your scissors because of all the shaping work. In case of a fluffy pom, a brush is the other handy tool.

Project: Teddy Bear

All I needed was a balloon, pom-poms, filling for the inside of teddy bear, scissors, a needle, and thread. I used the needle to shape the poms around the balloon to shape the head and body, I removed the balloon and put in the filling.

I started making the different body parts first.

Now it’s time to sew it all together.Do not pull too tight, because the tension will change the overall shape you want.Add the eyes and nose of your choice.

And there you have your own DIY teddy for a present or toy.



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