Recycling for an oral lesson

Influencing minds through awareness.

Recycling is an area that receives tremendous attention nowadays.People even create themselves businesses out of it and help both mother earth and humans to survive. Creating awareness is the most important part and what better place to start but at school.

Doing my part

No need to talk to grown-ups about the benefits of recycling- I think they do know quite a lot about that. Rather challenge and inspire them to show up at the arena to join .Let teachers bring it into the classroom and parents to their homes.

So I decided to incorporate recycling with an English Oral lesson. I challenged my learners to design and make artwork or any item from old materials and then present the idea to the class. They gladly accepted the challenge and got straight to work.

Interesting ideas

1.A Hammerhead Crane

Who said old wine bags are for rubbish?

2.A Funky sling bag

3.A toy car using Cardbox

4.Plastic bottles design

Skills taught through activity

Learners learn to appreciate and explore their special creative skills.

They also develop through critical thinking and problem-solving.

Presenting the idea is key to this activity.

They learn to challenge their own abilities and improve their self-confidence.

They learn to respect and appreciate each other’s talent.

More importantly to me, is that learners explore their interest and are being developed holistically.

Join us! Recycle.



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