The joy of pleasant first experiences

Knock, knock…who’s there?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadiofrom Pexels

I am quietly waiting

Enduring every minute of silence

As I woke up early each morning

Persevearing in lifting up my pen

Whenever motivation ministering

honoring the Councilor’s prompt

Until one morning

Following in routine as usual

A knock on the door!

Who’s there? I quietly asked.

Holding my breath!

My first guest!

Then I astonishingly wondered: How?

I heard His voice :

” Now it’s not just us anymore,

We got company!”


Author’s note:

I have been waiting to write about gingerwithknife on and today is the day. In this poem I reveal my waiting, persevering to write; basically to no one until one morning I was called by reception😁.I was so excited that I woke my daughter.


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