Crafts: My pom-pom journal

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How to make a fluffy pom

Ever since I grew up I loved poms and making them. I just love the softness between my fingers. It was one of the first crafts my mom taught me. Making crafts was a favorite hobby and it kept me occupied.

The versatility of poms

* You can use it for many different projects.

* It is easy to use in any project.

Making a pom pom

There are quite a few ways to make pom- poms. The size of the pom-pom depends on the type of project.


I always use the way my mother taught me and it works best for me.

Making pom-poms with my hands


To make fluffy poms you can also use the above method, but when I want bigger balls I use the following method. To give it fluffiness, I took a brush and gently stroke on the outside. Then I use scissors to shape it in a neat ball.


On to my next project.



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